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Want to lead a cloud test team at Sonos? Topping the charts are our top 10 competencies for the role

Department: Software

Location: Boston, Santa Barbara, Seattle

Req#: 3330

Are you ready to embark on the next level of your engineering career? 

If so these challenges shouldn’t scare you off too much.

About You

Our band is large. And while there’s plenty of room for all kinds of personalities and skill sets to succeed, there are certain qualities that will help you thrive here.

Like a never-accept-less work ethic. An exceptionally low ego-to-talent ratio (none of the first, tons of the latter). A relentless craving to push past your limits and try new things. The smarts and the humble confidence to take on big challenges, make mistakes fast and early, embrace tough feedback, then recover quickly with fresh, startlingly perfect solutions. A fearless willingness to defend great work. And a tendency to totally geek out on music.

If this sounds like you, read on and let’s connect soon.

What You’ll Do

1. Profound Responsibility: As the test lead, you and your team are responsible for the quality of state-of-the-art, cloud-based web services that power innovative new music experiences on Sonos. At Sonos, the team owns their services from design, to development, to production. If a service has issues or doesn't perform well, the team will stop new development and fix the service. It won't work to try and test quality in at the end. You'll need to take on the responsibility of influencing and empowering the team to build quality into everything they do. 


2. Technical Depth: The cloud team works with an exciting mix of technologies including different web service technology stacks and protocols, content delivery APIs, and back-end data stores. You'll need to be excited to learn new things, roll up your sleeves, and be hands on. You'll need to use your strong understanding of both SOAP and RESTful APIs, along with your Java, Linux, and database wizardry to test, monitor, and debug side-by-side with the rest of the team.


3. Applicable Experience: To lead a team, you'll need demonstrated experience driving the quality and test efforts for complex web services hosted in public clouds (especially Amazon Web Services). You'll also need experience defining and prioritizing work across multiple initiatives to ensure that the most important work gets done first. 


4. Teamwork and Leadership: Sonos believes in change and innovation. This means you'll be constantly challenged to improve your team to better fit in an evolving company. You'll need to assess your team, identify growth opportunities for them, hire new talent, and find the perfect balance between your team's skills, their career aspirations, and the company's needs. Beyond your team, you'll need to work with other teams and with third-party partners to bring features to life. You have to enjoy building, growing, and maintaining relationships with talented and passionate people. 

5. Communication: You just can't work effectively in a cross-functional, cross-team, Agile environment without outstanding communication skills. The challenge is to find the right way to inform and engage all types of audiences. You'll be communicating with everyone from product and program managers, to developers, to operations engineers, to third-party partners, to executives. You'll need to identify the key information for your audience and be accurate. You'll need to have an opinion, but be kind and open about it. You'll need to adjust your communication style and methods to match the situation. Great communication is the grease that keeps the engine humming.   


6. Getting Things Done: Product development is about getting things done and providing great new experiences to customers. Our definition of done includes design, development, testing, documentation, and data. That's a lot. You'll need to develop a vision and strategies for getting things done in the most effective and efficient manner. For removing or revamping bottlenecks. For scaling your team to predictably deliver high frequency, high quality releases.


7. User Experience: The user experience is paramount at Sonos. We care about our customers experiences. We care about our partners experiences. We care about our internal experiences. As the test team lead, you have a direct influence on all of these. By making sure the team builds quality services, and by making sure the overall feature these services enable works perfectly, you impact the customer's experience. By providing clear information quickly about the state and readiness of your team's services, you impact our partner's experiences. By treating others as you want to be treated and by always giving a little extra, you impact our internal experiences. 


8. Be Relentlessly Progressive: What worked yesterday probably won't work tomorrow. Our focus is on modern quality and test engineering. We firmly believe in experimentation, customer feedback, and operational data. We believe in small frequent releases powered by continuous integration and delivery. We believe in automation, ad-hoc testing, and quality dashboards. We believe in risk based analysis, boundary tests, equivalency classes, and testing pyramids. We believe in whatever comes next (predictive analysis, crowdsourced testing, social). Are you ready to help lead us into the future?


9. Engineers Solve Problems: You've got to love a hard problem. A hard problem is a gift. An opportunity to do something great. You'll be expected to tackle hard problems. You'll need to lead the team through complex testing challenges, automation issues, and delivery and release hurdles. You'll need to be fearless and proficient in creating test strategies, designing and implementing automation frameworks and tests, building a robust delivery pipeline with visible quality gates, and making releases daily, non-events. 


10. Having Fun: Given all the stuff above -- responsibility, getting things done in the midst of rapid change, solving hard problems -- can you have fun? Absolutely. The right test lead will embrace this challenge with a committed smile, with faith in the team, and with a light heart. The test lead motivates the team and makes both successes and failures positive. The lead keeps work fun and exciting for everyone on the team.

Skills You’ll Need
The desire and hands-on technical skills to make an impact.
How to Audition
Apply now and if there is a strong match, we'll reach out!
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