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About Sonos

Sonos is people. A fearlessly inquisitive, maniacally focused, music-obsessed tribe united by a passion to help others fill their homes with music. And share it, out loud, with someone they love. Every product we design, every experience we shape, every decision we make–they’re all driven by a common goal to make sharing music out loud feel more seamless, more intense and more tuned in to the way we’re all living right now. We’re helping fellow music lovers listen better and feel more, so they’ll listen more and feel way better.

Not sure where you fit in?

Product design, sales and marketing, software engineering, customer care-these are just a few of the teams that play essential roles in our quest to deliver the ultimate home music experience.

Current openings

Sonos isn’t for everybody.

This is that rare place where exceptional talent and open, candid dialogue go hand in hand. Where relationships matter more than job titles, and people are more important than policies. At Sonos, you’ll be defined less by your resume and more by what you do next. And that day-to-day ambiguity that comes with working on something truly original? It doesn’t faze us. We’ve all signed up for the long haul. Because we understand that getting it right trumps target dates, sales cycles and anything else, every time.

Why join us?

There aren’t a lot of places where you really have a chance to invent the future. For over a decade, we’ve been way out in front of the curve when it comes to redefining how people experience music in their homes. And we’re committed to keeping it that way. If you share our passion for the power of music, if you’ve got a never-accept-less-than-your-best attitude, if you’re ready to listen and learn and step up when it’s time to lead, then there could well be a place for you in our band. We hope you’ll seriously consider us.

We have three values we live by:

  • 1 The experience comes first
    We don’t rest until we get it right. Ruthlessly simple and dialed in tight. Any time we feel we can make something better, we keep going.
  • 2 Be relentlessly progressive
    We want everything we create to push the edge of what’s possible. Outshine whatever came before. Feel truly inspired.
  • 3 Remember the Golden Rule.
    We treat each other like we want to be treated–with equal parts respect and honest candor. We openly ask for whatever help we need. And willingly give whatever help we can. Because we know this is the only way we’ll build the kind of shared trust we need to redefine the way the world listens.
University student?
We offer a range of internships for the next generation of music-obsessed talent.
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  • Australia–Melbourne
  • China-Beijing
  • China-Shanghai
  • China-Shenzhen
  • Denmark-Copenhagen
  • France-Paris
  • Germany-Munich
  • Netherlands-Hilversum
  • Sweden
  • UK-Hayes
  • United States-Boston
  • United States-Los Angeles
  • United States-New York
  • United States-Santa Barbara
  • United States-Seattle